Sailing in Croatia? The best decision you can make

31 May Sailing in Croatia? The best decision you can make

Adriatic sea cruise

Meet our Adriatic sea and islands in a completely different way. Experienced captains will take you to the most coveted bays, to the best places to swim or to visit the most interesting places. In a week of cruises you will meet a lot of  islands and cities, swim in hidden bays that are often unavailable from the land, in the friendly atmosphere of the group create new acquaintances. You don’t have to wear a luxurious wardrobe on the boat because you will spend most of your time on swimming, sunbathing or sailing. In the afternoon hours, ships will generally be in the ports of cities per program, so you will be able to take advantage of this time for individual sightseeing, buying a sovereign and enjoying home-made food and top quality Croatian wine.



This is not a classic cruise:

Many charter companies offer cruising sailboats with cabins between 6 and 20 people. You choose the places you want to visit and how long you want to sail. There is a professional crew in your service, that is here to realize all your wishes . Besides, there are no pools, casinos and cafes, so you’ll have to relax watching the shore or reading a good book.


Explore a number of locations:

One of the benefits of cruising in Croatia is that you can visit a large number of places in a very short time. Croatia is famous for its beautiful cities and islands: Dubrovnik,Split, Korčula, Vis, Brač… A lot of national parks will leave you speechless.



There are many activities you can try out

Walk to canyons, jet-ski, dive with bottles, descend to the kayak waterfalls, make a wine tour in Korcula … The choice is almost unlimited. If you are for a quieter form of fun, walk through the walls of Dubrovnik and climb to the top of the bell tower in Split.



You sail during the day, and  having fun at night

Sail and enjoy the clear Adriatic Sea during the day. At night, enjoy the magic of the place where you are anchored. A great selection of good restaurants and nightclubs will delight you.


Traditional food and wine

All the time during your trip, you have the opportunity to enjoy top Croatian specialties. When you are on board, the chef will serve you the best of Croatian dishes and when you are on the mainland, you have the opportunity to visit the best restaurants and drink awarded Croatian wines.



Traditional Croatian music

Klapa is a group of 5 to 8 singers who perform capella singing without accompanying instruments. Today, they are a part of numerous social and cultural events in Croatia. In December 2012, UNESCO has included klapa singing on the list of non-material world heritage in Europe.









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