Sailing in Croatia? Best idea for this summer!

24 Feb Sailing in Croatia? Best idea for this summer!



Planning an unforgettable trip on the coastline of a beautiful country? Well, you are in luck, because not only is Croatia an incredibly gorgeous country with a stunning coastline, but the whole experience of sailing from town to town in a boat together with your friends or family will make the trip truly unforgettable. With the company Wind Rose & Sailing, you can book diverse selections of boats, from sailing boats and catamarans, to the gulet and motor yachts – which ever meet all your needs and desires. Here are some of the reasons why you should book a boat in Croatia:

  1. You will spend a lot of the time sailing, so you will have plenty of time to hang out with your family or friends and get them know better, read a book, or just lie down, relax and appreciate the stunning views of the Croatian coastline.
  1. Wind Rose & Sailing company offers you boat rentals together with a skipper on board with whom you can arrange your daily sailing preferences. You can choose to sail during the day so that it allows you the luxury of exploring your destinations during the evenings and nights. How do you like to dance at the awesome and different Croatian clubs and bars every night?
  1. Not only you will be awake to see the gorgeous views of the Croatian coast, but you can swim in the sky-blue waters of the Adriatic Sea where ever you want.
  1. Make sure you bring your camera with you as you will see some of the most beautiful sunsets during your week of traveling along the coast.
  1. There are a lot of activities to try: canyon walking, jet skiing, cliff jumping, white-water rafting, sea kayaking, cycling, or scuba diving. If you prefer culture and history, make sure you walk the city walls of Dubrovnik and climb to the top of the bell tower in Split.
  1. It’s not expensive at all – if you book your sailing along the Croatia coast with Wind Rose & Sailing not only you will get the best crew and support you will also get 10% discount. Book now and make the best memories.


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