Feal wind in your hair and visit Nautical Paradise!

24 Feb Feal wind in your hair and visit Nautical Paradise!


The Kornati National Park is often mentioned as “nautical paradise” in tourist publications. And really, in “slalom” sailing through the 89 unforgettable islands, islets and reefs in the Kornati National Park, you will test all of your nautical skills.
There are four chains of islands, classified into two groups: the Upper Kornati (Gornji Kornati) – the Sit and Žut island chains and the Lower Kornati (Donji Kornati) – the Kornati and open sea or Piškera island chain. Kornati National Park encompasses the majority of the Lower Kornati.


In the Kornati archipelago are two marinas – one in Kornati National Park (ACI Marina Piškera), and the other on the island of Žut (ACI Marina Žut). There are no fuelling stations in the Park area. Also, there is no running water or electrical energy supply in Kornati National Park.
The visitors are allowed to go anywhere in the park except in the area around Purara island and the cliffs (Mala Purara and Violić) which were declared areas of special protection.
The Kornati have Mediterranean climate with moderately warm, hot and dry summer (with dominant maestral wind) and most of the rain in autumn.
The Kornati has identified 537 species of invertebrates, 160 species of fishes, one tortoise and three species of mammals, one of which – the monk seal – is probably extinct.


1. Watching the wildlife
2. Hiking through the Kornati
3. Take a swim in the crystal clear sea
4. Diving and snorkeling
5. Eating in restaurants and taverns
You’ll need a valid ticket to sail through the National Park. Here you can see the prices: http://bit.ly/Price_List_Kornati



Kornati National Park has two official entrances: from the north at the Velika Proversa strait, and from the south at Vrata od Opata. There are three “mobile” receptions in operation in Kornati National Park during the tourism season (from May to mid – October) for the sale of tickets and visitor information.

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