Cruising on the yacht

16 Jul Cruising on the yacht


  • The yacht is a smaller or larger vessel that serves recreation, sports and nautical tourism. The original definition of a yacht was given by the Dutch Navy, which served small and fast vessels to prevent piracy in its waters.


  • Yacht lengths normally range from 7 metres  up to dozens of meters . A luxury craft smaller than 12 metres is more commonly called a cabin cruiser or simply a cruiser. Yachts may be classified as “large” (over 24 m ), which have higher construction standards, “commercial”, carrying no more than 12 passengers, “private”, solely for the pleasure of the owner and guests, or by flag, the country under which it is registered. A superyacht (sometimes “mega yacht”) generally refers to any yacht (sail or power) above 40 m


  • Charter yachts are a subset of yachts used for pleasure, cruising or racing, but run as a business for profit. Ownership can be private or corporate.






  • Yacht rental is the perfect choice for those who want a totally relaxed vacation under sun . The benefits of  yacht are many. Yacht  is more faster  than other types of sailboats, and more luxury.  This type of boat can be anchored away from civilization or close to cities and nightlife, which enables a unique type of vacation.


  • The rental yacht  have a crew, they will take care of your safety and comfort, and the chef will prepare you the best local specialties from the freshest foods and recommend you the best Croatian wine.


  • If you rent a  yacht t you have the ability to choose your own route. Whether you want to visit as many cities on the coast and islands or as you want to spend more time on the open sea, the yacht  route adjusts to your wishes.  We recommend the route Split- Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik- Split.







  • Big deck for sunbathing and relaxation

Take advantage of the spacious sunbathing area and socializing  with your friends and family while enjoying the sun and the Adriatic Sea













  • Large cabins with private toilet 


In spacious cabins, you will feel at home. Each cabin has its own toilet and shower cabin













  • Authentic Dalmatian food and wine


Only for you, the chef will prepare the best Croatian dishes and offer you the finest  Croatian wine













Vacation on the yacht


  • Enjoy the benefits of top accommodation, fresh sea food, Dalmatian cuisine and a richly-equipped bar.
  • Choose the best for your vacation and enyoy the luxury holidays in Croatia


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