Croatia – a small country with the largest charter fleet in the world

02 Oct Croatia – a small country with the largest charter fleet in the world

Nautical tourism info:


As a branch of tourism, nautical tourism is a compound touristic and maritime activity whose definition is complex because of its intensive connections with maritime and navigational activities. Anyhow, its nautical component doesn’t define it completely, although it might seem so if analyzed superficially. Only taking into account all the elements that determine it, makes the complete definition of nautical tourism possible.

Nautical tourism is classified as follows:
1. Harbors of nautical tourism
2. Charter
3. Cruising.


Slikovni rezultat za nautički turizam


Nautical tourisam in Croatia:


The Adriatic is imposed on boaters by itself as an ideal destination because of its unique natural beauty and that is why it is not surprising that Croatia was proclaimed the world superpower of nautical tourism for 2019. We bring a couple of reasons why:

While for some, the ideal beach is a sandy bay with sun loungers and cocktails, boaters appreciate the clear sea where you can clearly see the underwater landscape and possible dangers to avoid. Also, the Adriatic is ideal for anchoring near the coast, so boaters can tour the coast sleeping every night in a different bay, without having to dock at the marinas. Thanks to the karst processes, the islands as well as the irregular coastline with numerous capes and natural bays break the waves differently, thus creating natural, peaceful conditions for anchoring and light cruising. For the most part, boaters stay in one place for a short time, and the Adriatic coast is attractive for its indulgence and offers many beautiful places to visit.

Climate is also an important factor, and the Adriatic climate has no extremes, both in temperature and in tides. The combination of safe natural conditions and a favorable climate means safe navigation and plenty of usable nautical days throughout the year. On the contrary, nautical tourism is one of the branches of tourism that extends our season to nine months, and even more, annually, which is something that all tourism strives for. It is this factor of personal safety that gives the Adriatic an advantage for beginners and experienced boaters looking for a good vacation.

The Adriatic owes its popularity to its good geographical position and transport infrastructure. The richest European countries are a few hours away, and out of 9 airports in Croatia, 7 are located on the Adriatic coast (Bol, Dubrovnik, Losinj, Pula, Rijeka, Split, Zadar). There are also good traffic connections to the cities on the coast, highway quality as well as frequent ferry lines. As a member of the European Union, EU tourists have the utmost ease of arrival and stay on the Adriatic, as well as renting or keeping ships on the Adriatic.

Croats have a long maritime tradition, from boat building to fishing, so nautical tourism is present and developed. People are used to maritime traffic where fishing boats, overseas boats and small sailboats alternate. Boaters can also count on the help of the locals, as a tourist country most people speak at least one foreign language, are friendly and qualified for a variety of services, including boat repair.

Last but not least, there is the famous Croatian cuisine. Fresh food, hand-caught wild fish from the Adriatic and a specialty of “sea” are a guarantee of a taste for the palate and a holiday to remember. 

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