Coronavirus: Why is the private yacht/gulet charter the best choice for summer 2020?

27 Mar Coronavirus: Why is the private yacht/gulet charter the best choice for summer 2020?

In the focus of the Coronavirus , many people are reconsidering their travel plans for summer 2020. But for those who charter private yacht or gulet , Covid-19 hasn’t put the brakes on summer vacations; in fact, the number of yacht charter bookings is increasing in certain regions. 
If you’re considering doing the same, here are 5 top reasons to swap hotels and cruises for a luxury yacht charter this summer:


1.PRIVATE GROUP (limited contact with other people)


A chartered yacht or gulet is your own private space, which you only share with the crew and other people in your charter group. According to that your contact with other people is very low when compared to other types of vacation.






2. Less crew means low risk


All our gulets have 4 crew members and yacht’s 3-4 crew members. Plus, the crew live on board the yacht. They don’t go home at the end of the day; they barely even step on shore that often. So their contact with other people who could potentially have Coronavirus is very low.




3. Discover new destinations


Let this be the summer where you will discover all the hidden beauties of the Adriatic coast. According to your wishes, captain will take you to all the hidden places of the Croatian islands and national parks. 






4. Gulet or yacht is your own little haven on the water


Cruising down the coasts and hopping between islands, yachts are like little havens on the water. There’s really no need to come on shore at all, with the exception of refueling, waste disposal or inclement weather. On the boat you can find all water activities, as: jet ski, water ski, tube, canoe,snorkelling equipment, and many more.




5. Your yacht chef will be better than any on-land restaurant


People have started to be extra vigilant about food preparation amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Luckily a yacht charter means you don’t have to dine in restaurants on shore- you can enjoy all your meals on board your yacht.






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